ULP Strike Notice to Adjuncts

AFT Local 6262 Response to Imposing Terms

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Fact Finding Information Available!

The Fact Finding panelists were unable to reach a consensus as to how to address the long history of underpaying adjuncts at College of the Canyons. Please find AFT’s Executive Summary and AFT’s Fact Finding Presentation below.

AFT Executive Summary for 2022 Fact Finding

AFT Local 6262 Fact Finding Presentation

PERB Complaint

The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) has ruled to dismiss our PERB complaint against the District. We believe the ALJ’s reasoning is an abuse of discretion that would lead to an absurd result.

If this decision is allowed to stand, many adjuncts will continue to suffer from the District’s unilaterally imposed wage cut for 2020-21. Please find a copy of our appeal below.

Copy of AFT Appeal

July 2022 Newsletter

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PERB Complaint Update

PERB Complaint Issued by Office of the General Counsel

Hearing Notice

Cease & Desist – Unfair Practice Charge re: Adjunct Faculty
AFT Local 6262 v. College of the Canyons

The District is not honoring the terms of our contract regarding placement on the 2020-21 adjunct salary schedule.

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