concernedAFT Local 6262 represents and advocates for part-time instructors who have a “cause for complaint or protest” with College of the Canyons. (Dictionary – “grievance”)

Grievances are serious, substantive complaints about decisions or actions that affect your employment. If you dispute a decision or action, you are not without recourse, and you are not on your own.grievance man

Grievable disputes entail:

  • AFT contract violation
  • COC or SCCCD written rule, regulation, or policy violation
  • Unfair treatment of consequence

While not every complaint may be grievable, we may be able to help you in the event of:

  • Perceived unfair performance or conduct allegation made by department chair, supervisor, or administrator
  • Perceived evaluation misconduct resulting in a disputed evaluation
  • Inexplicable lack of teaching assignment
  • Perceived unfair student complaint

The above lists are not exhaustive.

If you feel you have a serious issue, while you are free to pursue a grievance on your own without informing the Local, please keep in mind that the Local has considerable experience in resolving various types of grievances and complaints. Moreover, the Local has access to regional and state union resources, including legal recourse, should a grievance require extreme measures to resolve.

Instructors who cannot resolve small disputes informally and wish counsel/assistance from the Local are advised to contact us right away. Often, our involvement facilitates a quick and satisfactory resolution at an informal level of interaction. Should the dispute require formal grievance procedures, it is easier for the Local to provide continuing assistance than to jump into the middle of a complex problem. Also, formal grievances entail deadlines, and we can help make sure the deadlines are met.