Membership Myths

refuseThe union exists to serve you, yet myths and rumors abound that dissuade part-time faculty from enjoying the benefits and privileges of union membership. Here we present the top 3 myths that reach our ears, and the facts that debunk those myths.

I am automatically a member because you take dues from my paycheck.Agency fees are deducted from every part-time instructor's paycheck, because every part-time instructor benefits from the union agreement with COC. Until you submit a membership application, you are only a "fair share payer," without member rights, privileges, and benefits.
It is dangerous to join the union, because I hope to get a full-time position some day, and having been a member of an adjunct union could be a used as a reason to reject me.Membership in the AFT is not published to the college administration or faculty. While membership rolls are not treated as confidential, there is no reason anyone outside the union would know who is on those rolls. Members can decide whether to participate in activities and communicate their status to others.
It is dangerous to join the union because my department or the college could retaliate against me.We have three strong responses to this. First, AFT Local 6262 enjoys a collegial relationship with COC and does not perceive systematic opposition to AFT members. Certainly there is periodic negotiation and issue debate, over which there can be substantial disagreement between COC and AFT executives, but we do not perceive the current climate to be one of general disdain for AFT rank and file.

Second, see above. If you wish to keep your membership to yourself, you can do so.

Third, protection from unjust treatment is precisely why you should join the union. The entire raison d'etre of union membership is fair treatment and due process for all its members. Should you ever have an issue with your employment, your union represents and advocates for you.