Recent News

Greetings AFT Local 6262 members,

On Friday, September 9 we held an informational meeting led by myself, Patricia Medina (our Secretary), and Alexandra Castillo-Kesper (our CFT rep), and Dan Portillo (our Interim President). It was attended by a small but very engaged group of faculty members. Some highlights from the topics discussed at the meeting:

Prop 55 will be on our ballot this November. If passed, it will extend Prop 30—which was passed in 2012—allowing a tax on the wealthiest Californians to remain in place. This already-existing tax provides funding for California K-12 schools, as well as California community colleges. How does this affect us personally? College of the Canyons has received between $10 and $13 million EACH YEAR since Prop 30 passed in 2012. We cannot afford to lose this funding!

AFT Local 6262 is joining with CFT and other AFT Locals in supporting a Yes on Prop 55. We will be orchestrating phone-banking to get the info out to our members beginning next week, and tabling next month. Please get in touch if you’d like to help out with this effort!

Last semester, there was a change to COC’s full-time faculty contract, establishing parity between lecture hours and lab hours. This change inadvertently affected a large number of our part-time faculty. Instructors who usually teach lab courses found that their usual teaching load would now put them over the load limit. As a result, many of these faculty members were forced to reduce their typical teaching load, hence reducing their pay. AFT Local 6262 filed an Unfair Labor Practice claim in response to this. A solution to the problem is being sought from both sides. We will update members on this issue as we work towards a resolution.

Other topics that were raised by attendees that will warrant more in-depth discussion include: healthcare, campus safety, seniority, tenure track standards, and numbers of courses offered by various departments. Bring your interests, issues, and concerns and let’s tackle these things together.

Over the weekend of September 16-17, Patricia, Alex, and I attended a Strategic Campaign Initiative (SCI) training session hosted by CFT (California Federation of Teachers) in Oakland, CA. It was an excellent event during which we learned many strategies for developing a more organized and effective union. We connected with other local unions from schools and colleges across California and shared ideas and successes with one another. We’re excited to begin putting all we learned into practice to create a union that can serve you all better.

Thank you to all who have recently gotten involved! We welcome any members who have issues they’d like to see addressed, or who want to pitch in with our ongoing projects, to get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

Erin McBride Africa, AFT Local 6262 Interim VP of Communications